Story behind the name
Mehul Bhatt
The story behind the FloCareer name. What does it mean when one experiences the flow? How does this philosophy fits into the product, solution, processes and values of FloCareer? Instead of giving any 'timbaktoo' name, there is a deep thought process behind the name. Check out the intriguing story in this article.

What’s there in name?

I remember this witty prank that was played on me during college days.  I mentioned the famous quote “What’s there in name?”, and a friend of mine said, “yes, Tolstoy said that”.  “No, it was Shakespeare”, I corrected.  “Yes, but what’s there in name!”

We clearly understand the importance of name though.  Not only it is important for branding, it also show cases the thought process related to the beginning of the journey.  “What’s there in name” is mostly (ab)used by people when they forget name or particular details.

Story of Flow!

The “Flo” part of “FloCareer” is related to the concept of Flow in the positive psychology.  Flow is the mental state of mind where you experience complete absorption of yourself in the task at hand.  You are really enjoying what you are doing, you 100% into it.  Most likely, you are creating something – beautiful piece of software module, solving a complex problem, playing a musical instrument and experimenting with the tune or melody, painting something, writing a blog… who knows!  Essentially, you are “totally into it” and time stops for you.  This concept was popularized by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, who show a lot of misery, negative emotions and sufferings in his childhood – as it was the era of world war II and he was living in Eastern Europe.  So, he dedicated his life on researching how to live a life that is fulfilling and worth living.

Mihály later moved to US and became a psychologist and did a lot of work in then-emerging field of Positive Psychology. He figured that the state of flow is not a miraculous moment of creativity, but it is depended on an individual’s skill level and the level of challenge you are facing.  Take a look at the following picture:

If your skill level is too high but the challenge is low, for example you asked to count the cars on a road, you will feel Boredom. On the other extreme, if your skill level is low for a task which is very challenging, for example you are asked to solve the world hunger issue in a month, you will feel Anxiety. The mental state of “Flow” is the middle path, where challenge is proportional to your skills but a little bit pushy that helps improve your skills. As your skills improve, challenge will become tougher – and you enjoy solving it. All the video games are designed on this concept, and maybe that’s why we love them so much!

Experience the Flow!

Inspired by the concept of Flow, FloCareer is created with the goal of finding "Happy-Happy" solution to the talent hunt.  People are the most important part of any organization.  For hiring teams, finding right set of candidates whose skills level match with the challenges that the job offers is crucial. FloPlatform is the next-gen interview offloading platform that has a mix of right amount of technology and right amount of human touch to achieve that goal.  This enables the right job seekers for the right job to Experience the flow!