Employer branding through Interview Outsourcing
Mehul Bhatt
You build a product, you go out in the market and let customers use it and give you feedback. And you always get unexpected answers. For us, employer branding was such surprise. Customers who use FloCareer platform to offload their initial interviews overhead also find our platform a great tool to brand themselves and attract talent. They asked us to implement more features for branding.

Here are some reasons why candidates love the interview experience on FloPlatform.



Professional Experience

Candidates receive communications (emails and SMS messages) on right frequency and content to guide through interview experience. In fact, that email is customizable for each corporate.  So, companies can highlight their strengths in that email, and get better stickiness from candidates.  We have observed that companies with customized emails where their marketing team is involved reduce their “Interview no shows” by 58% compared to the companies with generic email invitation on our platform.

Candidates are well informed about the role and responsibilities prior to the interview, and unlike Skype, Xoom or WebEx interviews, the consent and disclaimers are in place, giving much more professional look and feel that you would expect from a job interview.

Liberty to reschedule

We are living in a busy world.  Many candidates have unexpected, high priority tasks that popup just before the time of interview.  Most job interviews are “secretive” by nature, candidates can’t tell their bosses or colleagues that they have an interview to attend!  FloPlatform gives flexibility to candidates to cancel scheduled interview online and provide alternative time slots, without the hassle of picking up the phone and talking to a recruiter.  Now, who doesn’t like the flexibility?  Employers make subtle good first impression on the job seekers by providing such flexibility at the interview stage.

Ability to give feedback

As soon as the interview is completed on FloPlatform, we ask candidates to provide feedback about their experience.  Interview is not a one-way process, and job seekers appreciate that they are being asked to express their experience during the job interview.  We are seeing a very high percentage of candidates providing feedback on our platform, which is yet another sign of healthy engagement with job seekers.


People are the most important asset that any organization can have, and it’s important to cultivate great relationship from the very beginning.  We are glad to provide that additional benefit to our customers, though it was not planned and anticipated!