Adapting to the new reality - Tips for giving a professional Video Interview
Mohit Jain
Remote/Video interviews has been the trend for a while but due to recent circumstances, it has become a necessity to run business as usual.
FloCareer pioneers in video interview platform enabling employers and candidates to conduct remote interviews with a Gen-Z experience.
Here are a few tips on how to ace a video interview.

The industry today recognizes that continuity of business under extreme social and economical circumstances is very important. While the importance is understood, doing business without identifying the right talent still is an uphill task due to several challenges.

The industry has pivoted to using technology as one of the means to solve this challenge. Video interview is one such platform, which enables a corporate to effectively manage the interview process with limited resources or time.

Many organizations today have started assessing candidates through a Video interview platform.  Here are some etiquette and tips that can be useful for a video interview.


As soon as your video Interview gets scheduled –

  • Accept the invite, make sure the scheduled date and time suit you else ask for a reschedule.
  • Read the interview instructions and be prepared in advance.
  • Make time to find out about the company and its vision and if possible the employer, it shows your sincerity and interest in the company.
  • Understand the job description - It shows preparedness and dedication to the work. It will also allow you some time to prepare yourself in case you need to revise few things.
  • Understand the setup needed to appear for the video interview like video conference software, device like laptop and desktop with headphone and webcam etc. Do a test run of your microphone, speakers & web camera in advance.
  • Check the minimum required internet speed prescribed because video transmission requires good internet bandwidth. Per FloCareer's interview statistics, More than 25% of the candidates face this issue due to which they are not able to appear for the interview.
  • Do mocks : In case it is your first interview it is advised to prepare with mock interviews before facing a video interview.


One hour before your interview starts

  • Prepare your surroundings: Make sure you sit in place with no distractions with enough light, clean desk, keep the background clean and uncluttered.
  • Check your resources one more time:
    • Laptops/ desktops should have enough battery or should be plugged in to a power source during an interview to avoid battery outage.
    • Make sure you have required internet speed. If you find it slow than disconnecting other devices from internet may help.
    • Check the audio, if possible use of head phone is recommended
    • Check your web camera before going to interview.
    • Put your phone and desktop notifications silent.
  • Dress to impress: Even though the interview is not face to face, your outfit may create an impact on the interviewer. Be in formals like you would for regular interviews.
  • Keep documents ready: Keep your professional documents within reach such as a copy of your resume, work experience letter etc., this may come in handy during the interview.


During the Interview session –

  • Be respectful and professional while answering as well as asking a question.
  • Avoid ambiguity between sentences, be clear and sharp in answering. Paraphrasing the question may help you give a sharp answer.
  • Body language is extremely important – Many interviewers gauge your interest and knowledge through your body language. Leaning forward slightly and maintaining eye contact are positive gestures.
  • Smile can help you deal with nervousness and break ice.
  • Do not hold cheat sheets: It is advisable not to hold any cheat sheets during the course of interview because it may be seen as an external help. This may go against you.
  • Be punctual: It is important to be available at the scheduled time. It portrays time management and value for other's time.


After the Interview session –

  • Inform the HR person in touch with you that you have appeared for the interview.
  • Patiently wait for an update from the HR person. Many a times, they may take longer than expected due to unforeseen reasons.
  • Provide feedback about your interview experience in case your potential employer has asked for it. It will help them in improving their process & tools.

About Author

This article is written by Mohit Jain, CoFounder and COO, FloCareer- SAS Platform for Interview AS-A-Service, Bangalore, INDIA