Are you sure your company's interview questions are not leaked on GlassDoor?
Mehul Bhatt
Let's understand this: while GlassDoor provides a lot of level field services to Job Seekers, it also plays a big role in leaking your company's interview questions. And while GlassDoor was a pioneer in this, if you do a simple Internet search on "(Your-Company)'s Interview Questions", you will find GeekForGeeks, Naukri and many other sites providing opportunities to Job Seekers to post interview questions.

Ad hoc nature of interviews

For most companies, first couple of rounds of interviews are quite ad-hoc.  HR team schedules an interview with the job seeker, and just when the reminder/notification shows up for the interview, the interviewer will go through the resume and pick up the phone and start having the conversation.  We have observed in many large corporations' walk-in drives for jobs where interviewers would be casually asking each other, what kind of questions are you asking to candidates.  Most interviewers are having a few pet questions -- they keep asking the same question - at times with a little bit of variability - to candidates.

So, if developers are playing with a fixed set of questions, and there are multiple players on the Internet competing to reveal your company's interview questions, how do you ensure that your interviews are doing right justice to both right candidates as well as your company?

Scenario Based Questions

One thing you can immediately implement is to have a little brainstorming among the hiring teams to come up with right set of scenario based questions.  You can always do a deep-dive in the prior projects/work done by candidate and ask questions about design choices she/he made and why.  What are the alternative ways to implement, and if there were constraints due to some history/legacy, how he/she would implement again without such constraints.  These kind of questions are GlassDoor-proof.

Structuring Interviews the FloCareer Way

Benefits of FloCareer structured video interviews

Whether you use FloCareer platform to interview candidates by your own interviewers or you tap into our pool of freelance industry experts - one of the biggest benefit you get is standadizing your interview structure.  Our freelance experts add a good number of scenario based as well as coding questions on a private forum on FloCareer platform.  Depending on your job description, FloCareer platform suggests the right set of questions with appropriate difficulty level in customized pools attached to your job opening.  Our ever vigilant algorithms make sure that once a given question is asked right number of times and/or if the algorithm suspects that questions are leaked on Internet, they are retired and replaced by similar difficulty level questions from our vibrant community.

This approach ensures fairness to all candidates and makes your HR practices, especially the hiring part, much more data driven.  Standadized interviews have many other benefits.  Most of the job seekers who experience a FloCareer interview give the feedback that they also learned something from the interview process.  We have made this possible by collaborative efforts from all of freelance experts who constantly enrich our community of practical, scenario based interview questions.